Online Ordering Questions

Do I have to create an account to place an order?

Yes, at this time an account is required to place an online order.  If you do not want to create an account, you can call your AC store and place your order over the phone.

What if I don’t have an email address?

An email address is required to create an account and place an order.  If you do not have an email address, you can call your AC store and place your order over the phone.

Can I access online ordering from my smart phone?

Yes. The online ordering site is optimized for smart phone web browsers.  Additionally, you can download the Freshop app for iPhone or Android from their App Stores and access online ordering via the app.

What if I live in a community that is not served by air carrier from one of your stores?

If you cannot have your order shipped from one of our stores to your location, we encourage you to order from our partners at  They ship from Anchorage to most communities in the state of Alaska.

What happens after my order is placed?

You will receive an email confirmation number once your order is submitted.  The store will contact you when your order is picked and ready for payment.  Due to high demand for online ordering, orders may take up to 2 business days to be processed at the store. Note that online orders will not be processed on Sundays.

Why are there no prices listed on the site?  How do I know how much my order will cost?

We have not listed prices on the site as they vary by store.  When the store calls you to collect payment for your order, they will review the total order price and can answer any questions you have on individual item prices.

Are there any fees for online orders?

Yes, all online orders, whether for pickup or bush shipping, are subject to a picking fee.  The fee is $5.00 for orders that total under $100.00 and $10.00 for orders that total over $100.00.  Community elders over 65 years of age are eligible to have these fees waived. Additionally, customers who place orders for bush shipping are responsible for the airline freight charges.

What payment options do you accept for online orders?

We accept all major credit cards, SNAP/Quest cards, AC Gift Cards, and AC Store Charge Accounts.  Cash, check, and WIC/e-WIC payments for online orders are not accepted at this time.

Can I pay for my online order with SNAP/Quest or WIC?

You can pay for your online order with your SNAP/Quest card.  However, if your order is for pickup at the store, you must enter the store and physically present your card for payment when you check out.  For bush delivery orders, you may sign a waiver with the store authorizing the store to run your SNAP/Quest card remotely. Unfortunately, we cannot accept WIC/e-WIC payments for online orders.

Are you low on inventory right now?

We are working closely with our vendors and shipping partners to ensure that we have adequate stock on hand in all of our store locations.  However, due to nationwide increases in demand, certain items may be out of stock or subject to quantity limits for short periods of time.  Our store staff will note any out of stocks or quantity limits on your order when they contact you for payment.

Can I add items to my order that are not listed/pictured on the website?

Yes, you can add items in the “Additional Items” text box on the checkout page.  The store will confirm these items when they contact you for payment.

Can I purchase cigarettes, alcohol, or ammunition online?

You can purchase tobacco items online, but you must physically present your I.D. for age verification at the store when you pick up your order.  You cannot purchase alcohol or ammunition online.

Can I schedule a pickup time for my online order?

No, we currently do not allow scheduling for order pickup.  The store will give you a pickup window when they call you to collect payment for your order.

Can I have my online order delivered to my home?

No, we currently do not offer home delivery for online orders except for customers 65 years of age or over.  We do offer delivery to the local airport for bush shipping.  Otherwise, online orders are for pickup only.

Are online orders available for pickup every day?

No, online orders are only available for pickup Monday through Saturday

Need help? How do I contact Customer Service?

To contact us, use the online form or call our main office in Anchorage at (907) 273-4600

COVID-19 Questions

What are you doing in your stores to keep customers and employees safe from COVID-19?

The safety of our customers and employees is our top concern during this difficult time.  We have instituted additional cleaning regiments in our stores, and we have also taken additional steps to protect Elders and other vulnerable individuals. Additionally, our employees are practicing and enforcing social distancing in all of our stores.

What are you doing in your stores to protect Elders and other vulnerable individuals?

We have instituted a dedicated checkout lane for Elders and those with underlying health concerns for the first two hours after the store opens in the following stores: Bethel (Main Store), Nome, Kotzebue, Cordova, Dillingham, Klawock, Thompson House, Sitka.  In the other stores, we are opening our stores one hour earlier on Tuesdays and Fridays for Elders and others with underlying health concerns.